Collection of overdue claims

By transferring the claims of your debtors to B2 Kapital you ensure swift collection, liquidity, no additional debt and positive and affirmative effect on your balance. We offer the repurchase of portfolios of overdue claims, write-offs and claims for which legal actions were already started.

Time is money! With us, you have both.

  • We provide you with immediate liquidity with favorable conditions
  • Free funds for new investments
  • Protect your reputation
  • With us you are able to fully direct to your core business, which frees up valuable financial, human resources, information and other resources
  • We achieve with your clients good cooperation, respect their financial options and find the best solution for both sides

We offer your clients following possibilities:

  • The new repayment plan
  • Flexible rates
  • Suspension of already ongoing legal proceedings
  • Discount on existing debt
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